Many people are interested in gambling, the simplest game is considered to be slots (slot machines), so a beginner must first learn some of the rules of playing slot machines . There are not so many of them. The main part is learning about buttons. This is especially true for devices where there is no Russian-language interface. Going a little into history, it should be said that the first slot machi

nes were mechanical. And only with the development of computer systems, they began to represent a complex gaming device, equipped with generators and bright graphics.

The number of reels themselves on the gaming monitor has increased, from three or more. All symbols applied to the reels fully reflect one or another theme on this slot machine (slot). Also, the scoreboard displays bonuses, “wild symbols”, which in their functionality can replace one symbol with another.


Bonuses are usually full of slot machines in virtual casinos. In order to receive the bonus game, you will need to take some action. What exactly and how is different on each individual device. In any case, the devices are programmed in such a way as to prompt the player for his further actions. There are spins as such bonuses.

Spin is an additional bonus that drops out when the drum spins. If, for example, you get five spins, then the next five times you spin the reel for free, and so on. The number of spins is directly proportional to the number of free spins.

To receive a scattered bonus (scatter) is considered a great success, since regardless of whether the line coincides or not, the player still has a chance to win or receive a monetary reward. Such scatter symbols can be arranged in a chaotic order.

The jackpot is the most delicious piece for the game participant. There are two types of them: progressive and fixed. The jackpot itself represents the largest amount that can be won. If the casino has a number of slot machines, the jackpot winnings can be summed up from all of them. When a number of symbols appear (depending on the machine), the player receives this amount. This jackpot is call

ed progressive. A fixed jackpot is paid in a certain amount, set for any combination on a single machine.


Many beginners get lost in the presence of many buttons, especially if they are installed on the device, in English. Various slot machines have almost the same rules as the functions of the buttons themselves.

  1. A certain number of lines is programmed on each unit. By pressing the Line Bet button (line selection), the player increases the number of lines by one.
  2. Coins (bet per line). With this button, the player sets the amount that he wants to spend on this or that line. Each time you press this button, you increase the number of coins by one.

It should be noted that each machine has a certain amount of the amount played, that is, bets, as well as a certain number of lines. When iterating over a fixed number, that line, that the rate itself begins with one.

  1. “+” and “-“, “denomination” (selection of the number of coins for the game, denomination). This button allows you to increase or decrease the amount of money that you are willing to spend on the game.
  2. Max Bet (maximum bet). This button exists in any slot machine and is needed by those players who like risk. It allows you to put the maximum amount per line. But it is not recommended to use this button for beginners.
  3. Spin (to rotate the reel). This button sets the reels in motion, after the start of the spin, you can place a bet.
  4. Dollar Ball Enable – this key lights up when a participant has a chance to play an additional jackpot. Usually, it becomes active after a certain number of operations performed on this machine. The accumulative game is drawn.
  5. “Hold” button that stops the rotation of the reel. It is usually located next to the drum itself.
  6. “Double”, “Gamble”. Different machines are called differently, but have the same meaning. This button doubles the amount you wagered.
  7. “Help”. Button that helps the player. When using it, the rules of the game are displayed on the monitor. In some cases, such a key can serve as a withdrawal of funds to the machine screen (table).
  8. “Playout”. This button is needed for those who want to find out all possible combinations of symbols and other winnings that are programmed on this machine.


Many players are wondering how much money they can actually win by participating in such slots. There is no specific amount, since here it is necessary to take into account both all winnings and all losses.

If we consider slot machines in terms of winnings, then they can be divided into two types:

  • Slot machines with small winnings;
  • Slot machines with larger amounts. On such machines, the winnings fall out less often, but larger.

The choice of a slot machine directly depends on the amount that you can afford to spend. The chances of getting more profit are much higher if you play on slot machines with larger amounts. But in reality, this is a purely individual approach and wishes.

However, learning the fairly simple rules of playing slot machines, do not forget that excitement can swallow you up. But in order not to remain at a loss, you need cold calculation and common sense. In addition, having an almost unlimited number of slot machines on the Internet, it makes sense to conduct your own monitoring by choosing an online casino that has an excellent position and reputation among the rating of proven online casinos. With the right choice and familiarization with a number of simple rules, you can get a lot of pleasant moments from the game, a feeling of increased adrenaline in the blood and other positive emotions, at the peak of which is the win.

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