If a player decides to play Thai casino dice, then he must know the rules of the game of craps , without this there is no success. Usually in a dice game there are two cubes, they are also called dice, a table with special marks and sides. This game can be played by several players at once, who alternately place bets on the outcome of the event. The largest number of participants can be up to 20 people.

As a rule, one shooter rolls the dice, while the other participants place bets on different combinations.

Craps has been around since the days of the Roman Empire. And even then the players knew how to cheat and make money on it. It was around the same time that dice appeared in Asia. For example, in India, similar games were played and big fortunes were played. Previously, bones were made from ordinary wood, animal bones, even from horns. But most of all bones were valued when they were made of ivory. Modern man, relying on high technology, has managed to make bones from cellulose.

Over time, the dice game acquired its rightful name – craps. This word originated in France when this game had many rules and differences. Back then, bets could only be made against a gambling establishment. With the advent of John Wynn, the rules changed, tables began to be made with special layouts.

The craps game was very popular with the soldiers involved in World War II. Only now it was very difficult to get a table for this game, and the army team figured out how to do without it. They made a simple blanket or just played on regular asphalt. Later, this version of the dice game was called street craps.

How to roll the dice correctly

The administration of the gambling establishment constantly monitors the state of the cubes and conducts a special check after each round. Bones are made from cellulose and have their own technological characteristics. If the dice have been in play for more than eight hours, they are replaced with new dice. The shooter must know the technique of the throw, as well as certain rules. If a player does not comply with these rules, he may be prevented from shooting. Only one hand must be involved when rolling the dice. And the cubes themselves should hit the sides of the table. But it also happens that the bones fly off the table, in this case the employees of the institution check how they fell, in what order. Usually, in this case, the institution staff must replace the set of bones with new cubes. The player can always make his choice, whether he will be a shooter or just place bet online casino Thailand. You don’t have to be a shooter.

The game of one player continues until he completely loses. When this happened, the players change and another player throws in the dice.

Craps rounds

Craps is completely split into 2 rounds. The first round is to determine the number on the player’s first dice roll. If the shooter has numbers from 4 to 10, except 7, then the game proceeds to the second round. But if the player gets numbers 2,3, 12, then the player automatically loses and gives the dice to the next player. For example, numbers 7 and 11 appeared on the dice, in this case the game continues, and the player himself wins the round.

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